About Me

Benjamin Kuchera holds a BFA from the CalArts School of Film & Video. His studies began with a full scholarship to the Minneapolis College of Art in the PSEO program after achieving the highest score possible on the International Baccalaureate Fine Arts test. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago admitted him in a transfer and he advanced his illustration efforts before realizing he wanted to attend film school at CalArts.

Being the first student in CalArts history to make a feature film on 16mm Kodak film stock made for a major portfolio piece that started advanced studies for two years on a full-ride scholarship in one of the world’s first New Media programs as a Master’s student at the University of Cincinnati School of Design, Art, Architecture and Planning.

Working in broadcast television, media management, New Media, script-to-screen and video editorial for 20 years in various business environments, Benjamin advanced his abilities as a copywriter and scriptwriter for a decade. Working with hundreds of clients across numerous agencies and companies, he crafted cinema and video programming as a producer, director, cinematographer, editor, and writer. As a college teacher for two years, he trained hundreds of students in media, graphic design, drawing, media design as well as Art History while simultaneously attaining the highest student evaluation report scores in the department’s history.

Leading special projects, Benjamin created the world’s first “open age comic magazine” with 124 comic illustrators while also running a small sole proprietorship media company. He has won numerous awards, is a current Emmy chapter judge, and won Davey and Tellys for documentary cinema work.

Benjamin is now working toward his MFA with a specialization in creative writing while also working on a novel as a thesis for the program.

He is a proud father of 3 (which is now every single ounce of the remaining point).