Excerpt from GINA: Title III

Concerns over individual gene discrimination and scientific racism

VIDEO: https://youtu.be/43gAIBzXzsw




Think scientific racism and genetic profiling and AI won’t hurt you? Scientific racism and digital tyranny are here already. The birth pangs of the loss of physical freedoms are eroding away our future. Physical DNA and its reflexive digital DNA that is contained within information systems and what this knowledge can do to the narrative of each person and their freedom in and of their actual being contained within their overall genetic makeup and their individual genetic makeup, liberty, and freedom is compromised. China and what’s happening is proof that we have a dangerous relationship that is building between AI and a human genetic existence juxtaposed to racial profiling -genetic racial profiling. The American constitution is the promise of our security, but there seems to be no Bill of Rights for who we are as people in our actual genetic design. The design of our human being and their DNA is unique and cannot be used to isolate, classify, alienate, threaten or punish a person.

Gene examples: Bipolar gene, gay gene, Arab gene, Jewish gene, alcoholic gene -all human genome. These humans were made this way, not by choice and must be outright universally protected. At the end of the day, this is about humanity itself.

A special thanks to Louise Slaughter who unknowingly created the Digital Parchment to the American Genetic Bill of Rights with Title 1 of GINA. We don’t have time for this to be a state’s rights issue. It will otherwise take decades to litigate and what will be considered “advances in sciences and medicine in individual treatment” will lead to a disastrous loss of individual genetic liberties at an unprecedented speed with lessons from history that have shown us what happens to people who are not free when identified as a “type”. This is about now. This is about the human genome and it must be secured as personal liberty right on the federal level as GINA Title III before AI and digital tyranny outpaces the single most important human protection on Earth; the human genome and the individual makeup of each person.

On this “Spaceship Earth,” we must remain free. On this pale blue dot that spins in the endless universe, we continue to spin in place; going nowhere. We cannot agree to give up who we are to meet the design, demand or powers of the state of its information systems that in a moment can be in the hands of the wrong powers and is almost guaranteed to be without liberty rights. The individual guarantee of a new universal genetic liberty will follow generations to come who will, in fact, leave our planet as free or not. If we are true to freedom, across the physical universe of space and in the universe of digital space, we will remain free.

Watch Star Trek sometime, dummies. We’re human. We are universally human. We must accept our genetic differences and enshrine the liberties into the hands of the individual in the understanding that we are perfectly and wonderfully made – no matter how that comes about.

Genetic exceptionalism must cease and desist.


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