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Dec. 16, 2018:



Dec. 16, 2018: Inspirational Post: Move

Every once in a while, someone unique comes along that starts asking questions about the way things are. They often times do this after years of studying seemingly unrelated things in history and the way things were. In other cases an awakening can come with age due to our over-satisfied satisfaction that has finally become dissatisfied. The problem lay in, that once this kind of person understands who they are in the timeline of humanity, that what is to follow almost always evolves beyond a return to basic understandings that only makes people feel comfortable. The way things were and are can and should smash straight into the way things could be -or even should be. Usually, this comes from an enlightenment or radical event in a person’s life, but sometimes it’s from a desire to enact a change to the lie of a world we live in.

Some attain an immovable desire to shape the future and turn it into a business or some sort of movement. Usually these things eventually fail -save sugar-coated vision dreams of a very real Coca-Cola company. Becoming part of what could be isn’t just some poor man’s grasp at cheap legacy to be taken lightly, and maybe these kinds of people often fail because they’ve made their vision as a bright light with a goal of ever expansion with a candle burning at both ends. What is better than some business model or new movement is something more of a dance with the problem itself, and twisting and turning with the creature demands taking the lead within those troubles. It’s the only way to keep control and give humanity one more possible win before the final curtain.

If one sees the true horrors of the day, if a fight isn’t taken to the main front directly, a life that’s seen the truth will only be cheapened and starved of meaning. And if it’s true that any of us may, at any moment, awaken and see that something dismal surely may happen to all the future generations of Earth if we do not act? To not fight? That, quite frankly, doesn’t sit well with any spirit with a conscience. It’s downright unacceptable. It’s what makes for a man standing up and saying, “No”.

A word of advice? Don’t start a business or a movement. Enact change with your next door neighbor -that is, if he isn’t too busy watching television.

Dec 4, 2018:



Dec. 4, 2018: Inspirational Post: Faith

In focusing on what it is to be a man, and moreover a human being, sometimes, we as men must realize that in being alone when we do not feel a living God, we can still have faith that there is someone there. Faith can lead to belief if one can focus on facts that are believed based off evidence that can culminate on the exploration of what is truest to one’s heart.

In my own faith, I have consistently been shown the consistency of the God of my Christian faith -Jesus. He is a man of history, but it is about what He ultimately said about Himself and what I must choose that enriches the impossible and hardest places of my heart.

When the world lets you down (all humans do and even we do) sometimes the invisible force of love that sits outside of us and says “I love you” is a voice that is very quiet in nature -so quiet that in that whisper it calls our truer name that has no name at all but “my child”. For some, it’s an invisible God. For others, it’s only as good as an invisible rabbit. Either way, each of us must come to terms with what is truest for us with or without anyone else. For me? It’s a real experience with something far bigger than an invisible rabbit. It is the true thing that is outside even that which lets me both enjoy the invisible rabbit as a construct of my own mind, and the gift of knowing that a force outside of my own mind is factually there and appreciates that I’m still a dreamer. Everything in that combined experience lets me enter the painting of life within a canvass I do not control. Yet I still get to be the paint, and in the end, I’m nothing but an element in the painting itself -a painting made utterly without my control that was planned before I ever even existed. Frame that canvass and put it in the gallery, please.

Nov. 27, 2018: Inspirational Post: Hero


Now that I am half-way through my forties, I find it increasingly important to find things to apply my life to that are meaningful on a local level. I do this with the foreknowledge that this is invariably the truest thing one can do to enact change on a larger scale. We have the figure of Christ who never left a one hundred mile radius that shows us a proven model for the reality of what can be done when things are done powerfully right in small settings.

There are many people who have inspired me in my life, but it is those that take the risks to do what is not just right for themselves, but right on a larger, humanity-wide scale that shows the possibilities of true impact. It’s not about being remembered -it is about knowing that babies are being born every day into a broken world and that they deserve, within their new beginnings, to know that some people ahead of them held back the dismal tide. This gives each new brief life a chance in a world where they too can pick to be free or to waste their life. Aaron Swartz knew from the get-go that he had a purpose and it was based on the necessity of liberty contained within the fabric of information itself. That is to be more than commended and a person everyone should read up on -he died for his cause.

I hope, along with my path of discovery, to find a real sense of liberty at the highest possible level. I intend to use that final liberty to create works, that with great intent, I believe, will replicate a lasting desire to individuals to more richly involved in the affairs of love of ones fellow human. This is all part of my journey toward a future I refuse to let collapse into chaos without my contribution of hope.