Intention Statement

My intention for my Mastery Journey over the next twelve months is to document my progress as a creative writer. Wanting to absorb everything possible from other masters of the medium of novel writing, I have a goal to learn a more proper form to wordmithing -taking on the rules of the game and then learning how to break them as much as possible.

With an artistic goal of writing a trilogy of books, I know that the task at hand is daunting and should not be taken lightly. Outside of these books is this mastery journal itself. This will be a writing domain where I express what I am learning and studying in order to hone my skillsets and, with brutal honesty, disclose my struggles in the process of creating. My hope is that I will run into people along my path of discovery that will partner with me as I face the direct goal of making my first completed novel within 12 months time. I pray that this is possible and that I don’t waste my time getting caught in the weeds of a lack of commitment or discipline. Time is short and if I even so much as write one successful page a day into this first novel, within one year, I should have the first draft of a solid manuscript. Wish me luck. I’m sure as heck going to need it.

Also, because why the hell not?