Daisy on the River

“Hello, Mister,” Daisy said.
“You scared me, little girl! Who are you? What are you doing here!”
“What are you doing here?”
“I said, who are you? Did they send you?”
“My name is Daisy,” she said.
“Did they send you”
“I’m just walking back home with my bunny. See my bunny?”
“I see it. You keep moving along now. Go on. Go on!”
“I saw you sitting here by that big green rock, and wondered why you were so sad.”
“Did you hear me?” he said.
“I did. I heard you all the way from the flower field.”
“No! I said, did you hear me? Go home!”
“Here, you can hold my bunny. She will help you.”
“No! You stay right there! Nobody comes close to me! I’m a monster.”
“You don’t look like a monster. Your eyes are red. But I knew from the field when I heard you that you were sad. You look so tired. No, you’re no monster, Mister.”
“I am. They say I am. People were told I’m a monster. So I am.”
“Do they believe you’re a monster? Do you really believe them?”
“No. No, I do not.”
“Then here,” said Daisy.
“Take my bunny. She can rescue hearts.”
“Why my own heart…”
“I want you to have her.”
“No. I couldn’t.”
“Gee, you are so tall when you stand.”
“Stay back. Stay back!”
“Daisy, stay back from me! Stay back from the river! I’ll push you away!”
“Mister, don’t walk backward from me. Take my bunny. She will heal you.”
“Back! Stay back! You can fall in. I…woah, ah!”
“Mister! Mister!”
“Can’t! Can’t!”
“Mister! Mister! You’re drowning! I’ll run after you!”
“I’m gone! You’ll drown, too! Back! No, Daisy!”
“Catch, Mister!”
“I can’t swim! I can’t save your bunny!”
“Try! Try to save bunny!”
“Daisy! I’m done!”
“Grab her! She’s right there! Grab her! Now! In the water! Now!”
“I’ll take her down with me so you will be safe! I’ll remember her! I’ll remember you both!”
“My, my, oh my. Daisy!”
“I told you so. See? When you reached for the bunny I could see the tree under the water. Now bring me back my bunny. Mister, you’re no monster. You rescued my bunny, and my bunny rescued you. See? They were all wrong, weren’t they?”
“You saved me! Now I remember, Daisy. You’ve made me remember.”
“What did you remember?”
“Daisy. Hello. My name is Frank.”